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The Power of Outbound Links

Website User Interface

Outbound links are powerful tools that can be easily controlled and used to improve the ranking of your site. This article will tell you everything you need to know about outbound links if you have yet to fully utilize all its benefits. As we want to give you all the necessary information and tools to … Read more

UX: The SEO Secret Magic Sauce That You Need

Man Using His Laptop in Home

Google and other search engines now consider UX when ranking websites. This makes the SEO playing field more dynamic and complex. Failure to apply UX elements in your SEO practice could ruin your chances of ranking high in search engines. Top websites now aggressively zone in on applying UX elements and this article will explain … Read more

Which Paid Channel is Better for Your Business: Facebook or Google Ads?

Facebook Advertising

Google Ads; search ads and display network adsWhen it comes to pay-per-click advertising (PPC), Facebook Ads and Google Ads are two of your primary choices. We all want increased traffic, leads, and sales. But the question is, which paid channel best fits your needs? Deciding where to spend your marketing dollars can sometimes be a … Read more

Common SEO misconceptions

E-Commerce Marketing WorkFlow

The SEO industry is one that truly evolves on a continual basis. Whether I learn a new trick from a colleague or see positive movements from a new technique, SEO constantly changes and you need to ensure you and your site stay as in line with this as possible. No one can tell you that … Read more